• Suzanne’s Tortoise

    Suzanne’s Tortoise

    Susan says "I knitted this tortoise as a gift for my sister's friend - she would love a real tortoise but doesn't want the commitment of a real-life pet! So this is a maintenance-free alternative :-)"

  • Adam’s Parrot

    Adam’s Parrot

    Adam changed the colours of the pattern to make a Pink Cockatoo. We love it!

  • Adam’s Bearded Dragon

    Adam’s Bearded Dragon

  • Adam’s Pterodactyl

    Adam’s Pterodactyl

    Adam is the second knitted dinosaur submitter! We love the variation on colour.

  • Juliet’s Velociraptor

    Juliet’s Velociraptor

    Juliet is the first to submit a Knitted Dinosaur! Love this stunning velociraptor she knitted whilst on holiday.

  • Adam’s Albino Axolotl

    Adam’s Albino Axolotl

    Albino Axolotl from Knit your Own Pet, knitted by Adam. Axolotls are also known as Mexican salamanders or walking fish!

  • Adam’s Yellow Canary

    Adam’s Yellow Canary

    Yellow Canary knitted by Adam, from Knit Your Own Pet.

  • Adam’s Stripy Snake

    Adam’s Stripy Snake

    Stripy Snake knitted by Adam, from Knit your own Pet. Ssssssimply marvellous!

  • Amanda’s Jack Russell

    Amanda’s Jack Russell

    As I live in a flat I can't have a dog so I knitted my own instead!

  • Donn’s Dachshund

    Donn’s Dachshund

  • Adriana’s Jack Russell

    Adriana’s Jack Russell

  • Adriana’s Panda

    Adriana’s Panda

  • Adriana’s French Bulldog

    Adriana’s French Bulldog

    Although it was a challenge to weave this beautiful dog, the satisfaction of seeing it completed is enormous!

  • Heather’s Airedale Terrier

    Heather’s Airedale Terrier

  • Kerri’s Boarder Collie

    Kerri’s Boarder Collie

    This little collie was made as a 30th Birthday present for my son, Hugh, who has wanted a pet dog since he was 10 years old but is currently living in a tiny flat in London. I am hoping it will keep him company until its 'big brother' arrives.

  • Lesley’s Long Haired German Shepherd

    Lesley’s Long Haired German Shepherd

    Inspired by my lovely dog Tess.

  • Isobel’s Springer Spaniel

    Isobel’s Springer Spaniel

  • Isobel’s Golden Retriever

    Isobel’s Golden Retriever

  • Eleonora’s Blue Merle Border Collie

    Eleonora’s Blue Merle Border Collie

    The dream dog of my best friend.

  • Eleonora’s Australian Shepherd 2

    Eleonora’s Australian Shepherd 2

    Here's Eleonora's knitted Australian Shepherd together with her real dog alter ego Winnie. She's got no tail but is more hairy!

  • Eleonora’s Australian Shepherd

    Eleonora’s Australian Shepherd

    Knitter: Eleonora, Breed: Australian Shepherd, Notes: This a variation of your border collie, to fit the tailless Australia Shepherd of my friend!

  • Isobel’s Shetland Pony

    Isobel’s Shetland Pony

    Knitter: Isobel, Breed: Shetland

  • Heather’s Red Setter

    Heather’s Red Setter

    Knitter: Heather, Breed: Red Setter, Notes: This is Pierce the Red Setter

  • Anne Elizabeth’s Camel

    Anne Elizabeth’s Camel

    Knitter: Anne, Breed: Camel, Notes: To complete a nativity scene I had previously knitted, I was delighted to find the camel pattern in the "Knit your own Zoo" book, but decided to "dress" them up. I also decided to do one sitting down folding the legs underneath.

  • Adriana’s Tabby Cat

    Adriana’s Tabby Cat

    Knitter: Adriana, Breed: Tabby

  • Diana’s Fox Terrier Mongrel

    Diana’s Fox Terrier Mongrel

    Knitter: Diana, Breed: Fox Terrier Mongrel This poor fellow lost one of his legs in a car accident. Both the real-live and the knitted version can stand up on three legs though!

  • Anna’s Fruitbat

    Anna’s Fruitbat

    Knitter: Anna, Breed: Fruitbat, Notes: Charlie Fruitbat is having a pretty good life, traveling with my friends all over the world.

  • Adam’s Red-eyed White Mouse

    Adam’s Red-eyed White Mouse

    Knitter: Adam, Breed: Red-eyed White Mouse, Notes: The first project I did from the Knit Your Own Pet book :)

  • Andrea’s Black Cat

    Andrea’s Black Cat

    Knitter: Andrea, Breed: Black Cat

  • Andrea’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier

    Andrea’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier

    Knitter: Andrea, Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

  • Andrea’s Kangaroo

    Andrea’s Kangaroo

    Knitter: Andrea, Breed: Kangaroo

  • Isobel’s Seal and Pup

    Isobel’s Seal and Pup

    Knitter: Isobel, Breed: Seal and Pup

  • Helen’s Tabby

    Helen’s Tabby

    Knitter: Helen, Breed: Tabby

  • Tracey’s Beagle

    Tracey’s Beagle

    Knitter: Tracey, Breed: Beagle, Notes: Sheriff is keeping a look out for burglars!

  • Kathryn’s Dachshund

    Kathryn’s Dachshund

    Owner: Kathryn, Breed: Dachshund, Notes: Thank you so much to my boyfriend’s wonderful mum Eli for knitting me this beautiful dachshund as a surprise gift. She is so talented. I am obsessed with dachshunds so was completely overwhelmed when I opened my gift to find this little cutie inside. The most wonderful heartfelt gift I have ever had received. I have named him Dachri. He never fails to brighten my day. Thank you Eli! X x x x x x x

  • Rene’s British Shorthair

    Rene’s British Shorthair

    Knitter: Rene, Breed: British Shorthair, Notes: This is ginger boy.

  • Isobel’s Armadillo

    Isobel’s Armadillo

    Knitter: Isobel, Breed: Armadillo

  • Isobel’s Koala

    Isobel’s Koala

    Knitter: Isobel, Breed: Koala

  • Isobel’s Lion

    Isobel’s Lion

    Knitter: Isobel, Breed: Lion

  • Isobel’s Tiger

    Isobel’s Tiger

    Knitter: Isobel, Breed: Tiger

  • Jessica’s Corgi

    Jessica’s Corgi

    Knitter: Jessica, Breed: Corgi

  • Jo’s Tortoiseshell

    Jo’s Tortoiseshell

    Knitter: Jo, Breed: Tortoiseshell, Notes: My tortie with its tiny head!

  • Jo’s Tabby

    Jo’s Tabby

    Knitter: Jo, Breed: Tabby Notes: Jo’s Tabby My second cat, still awful but I'm learning! Team Best in Show says: Surely you mean amazing not awful, keep the knitting up!

  • Jo’s Tabby and Tortie

    Jo’s Tabby and Tortie

    Knitter: Jo, Breed: Tabby and Tortoiseshell, Notes: Fluff with his (slightly strange) friends...

  • Isobel’s Penguin

    Isobel’s Penguin

    Knitter: Isobel, Breed: Penguin

  • Tina’s Orangutan

    Tina’s Orangutan

    Knitter: Tina, Breed: Orangutan, Notes: Knitted Orangutan inspired by 'Rahayu' a Orangutan I adopted via The Orangutan Project

  • Sharon’s Armadillo

    Sharon’s Armadillo

    Knitter: Sharon, Breed: Armadillo, Notes: This is Dyllis. I made this for a friend last Christmas... she now features on her own Christmas card!

  • Border Collis

    Border Collis

    Knitter: Isobel, Breed: Border Collie, Notes: Here is my border collie Torrin meeting his knitted self!

  • Kim’s Crocodile

    Kim’s Crocodile

    Knitter: Kim, Breed: Crocodile, Notes: My knitted crocodile. I'm having so much fun knitting all the dogs, cats and zoo animals.

  • Jessica’s Elephant

    Jessica’s Elephant

    Knitter: Jessica, Breed: Elephant, Notes: I made my elephant in yellow!

  • Clara’s Siamese Cat

    Clara’s Siamese Cat

    Knitter: Clara, Breed: Siamese, Notes: Meet Tenduss, my exotic siamese cat!

  • Sarah’s Black Shorthair Street Cat

    Sarah’s Black Shorthair Street Cat

    Knitter: Sarah, Breed: Black Shorthair Street Cat

  • Sarah’s Bengal

    Sarah’s Bengal

    Knitter: Sarah, Breed: BengalBengal

  • Isobel’s Kangaroo

    Isobel’s Kangaroo

    Knitter: Isobel, Breed: Kangarookangaroo

  • Andrea’s Grey Seal and Pup

    Andrea’s Grey Seal and Pup

    Knitter: Andrea, Breed: Grey Seal and Pupgrey seal and pup

  • Andrea’s Elephant

    Andrea’s Elephant

    Knitter: Andrea, Breed: Elephantelephant

  • Andrea’s Leopard

    Andrea’s Leopard

    Knitter: Andrea, Breed: Leopardleopard-3

  • Andrea’s Black Labrador

    Andrea’s Black Labrador

    black labradorKnitter: Andrea, Breed: Black Labrador, Notes: Altered pattern of the Golden Retriever in the Best in Show book

  • Wendy’s Collie Cross

    Wendy’s Collie Cross

    little-sal-copyKnitter: Wendy Breed: Collie Cross Notes: Big Sal is a collie cross!

  • Gisela’s Terrier

    Gisela’s Terrier

    Knitter: Gisela
    Breed: Terrier
    Notes: Nellie, the nice dog of my aunt. I liked the dog very much.

  • Sienna’s Poodle

    Sienna’s Poodle

    Knitter: Sienna P. Breed: Poodle Notes: Inspired by "Jazz." I did a loopy stitch toward the back on purl rows to get adequate thickness of the fur on the legs, tail, and head.

  • Jenny’s Ginger

    Jenny’s Ginger

    Knitter: Jenny S.

  • Jenny’s White Cat

    Jenny’s White Cat

    Knitter: Jenny S.

  • Jenny’s Black & White

    Jenny’s Black & White

    Knitter: Jenny S.

  • Caroline’s Abyssinian

    Caroline’s Abyssinian

    Knitter: Caroline Brooks Breed: Cinamon Abyssinian

  • Caroline’s Sleepy Kitties

    Caroline’s Sleepy Kitties

    Knitter: Caroline B.

  • Linda’s Pebbles

    Linda’s Pebbles

    Knitter: Linda S  

  • Laurie’s Westie

    Laurie’s Westie

    Knitter: Laurie K. Breed: Westie

  • Sienna’s Papillon Mix

    Sienna’s Papillon Mix

    Knitter: Sienna P. Breed: Chihuahua-Papillon mix Notes: Inspired by "Mercy".

  • Di’s Scottie

    Di’s Scottie

    Knitter: Di A. Breed: Scottie Notes: I think I might need to get a real Scottie, they are so dang cute!

  • Sarah’s Panda

    Sarah’s Panda

    Knitter: Sarah W. Notes: Panda took her doppelgänger on a date to the local Italian trattoria. Things started out a bit stiffly, but after a bottle of wine it really got wild!

  • Mary Lou’s Siamese

    Mary Lou’s Siamese

    Knitter: Mary Lou S Breed: Siamese Notes: This is my Siamese cat. I think he's beautiful.

  • Sinead’s Zippy

    Sinead’s Zippy

    Knitter: Sinead F.

  • Susan’s Jasmine

    Susan’s Jasmine

    Knitter: Susan R. Notes: This is my real cat Jasmine with her best knitted freind! As you can see they love each other dearly.

  • Caroline’s Ginger

    Caroline’s Ginger

    Knitter: Caroline B.

  • Laurie’s Schnauzer

    Laurie’s Schnauzer

    Knitter: Laurie E. Breed: Miniture Schnauzer

  • Di’s Jack Russell

    Di’s Jack Russell

    Knitter: Di A. Breed: Jack Russell Notes: I inherited a JR that was 12 years old, he wasn't with me long, but this knit dog looks just like him.

  • Jane’s Basset Hound

    Jane’s Basset Hound

    Knitter: Jane D. Breed: Basset Hound Notes: This is Bertie. Brings back memories of the Hush Puppy advert and Clement Freud!

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